Providing Conflict Resolution Services to Minnesota Families
Serving clients in Mankato and throughout southern Minnesota, the Lake Minnetonka and southwestern suburban areas of the Twin Cities, lawyer and mediator Joseph Bluth has had extensive experience in handling complex family law matters since starting his practice in 1978. He now limits his work to providing mediation, arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) services, and uses this knowledge to assist and guide people who are having trouble settling family related disputes.

  • Custody and Parenting
  • Family instability due impacted by disability, mental illness, addiction, emotional abuse or instability
  • Joint Parenting Issues
  • Parenting Time Schedules
  • International/out-of-state relocation, Military, business and career, sexual orientation or multicultural stressors
  • Cases impacted by ofp, abuse/domestic violence and supervised parenting time disputes
  • Grandparent, relative, step-parent and significant other relationships with child
  • Family disputes over blended family, eldercare, probate and real property
  • Unmarried couple's division of business, property and partition of real estate
  • Disagreement impacting a child or family member's lawsuit or settlement
  • Need for resolution regarding issues involving a child's medical treatment, education or religious upbringing
  • Relocation issues caused by new job or career
  • Issues caused by child's demand for emancipation

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)
Whether the issue is one of a sensitive divorce, a custody matter, or one involving grandparent and step-parent rights, the focus is on helping the parties find a solution that they can live with. Trained in all of the various methods of Alternative Dispute Resolution, Mr. Bluth is often engaged to assist in cases where the parties are working through claims of sexual or physical abuse, parental alienation, alcoholism/addiction, mental or physical disabilities, or other types of individual or familial dysfunction. He is very comfortable working with psychologists, counselors and healthcare providers, educators, court personnel and domestic violence shelter staff, and is quick to bring interdisciplinary resources and technology in to assist in settling these matters. His working knowledge of computers and technology allows him to provide cost-effective service for those cases where the parties and courts may be in different counties, states or countries. Having served in the military, he has an appreciation of the unique aspects of navigating through difficulties that may occur because one or both of the parties are in the military or are impacted by disability.